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Redo Your Smile with a Smile Makeover in Orlando

Universal Dental Spa offers more than preventative dental services. Cosmetic dentistry offers patients an opportunity to fix issues with their teeth that have affected their confidence and self-esteem. From missing teeth to discoloration, there are numerous cosmetic procedures that replenish your smile. For instance, we offer veneers that can cover discolored teeth. We also provide implants for patients who have missing teeth. But what if you suffer from multiple cosmetic issues? Universal Dental Spa offers smile makeovers that target several issues in one package. We can combine the restorative effect of veneers with the bone-strengthening qualities of implants to create a new you. Visit our state-of-the-art facility for smile makeovers in Orlando.

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We Examine Your Mouth and Suggest a Course of Action

With smile makeovers, Orlando’s Universal Dental Spa takes a holistic approach to fix your smile. No two patients are alike. Some patients might only require one procedure, while others may need two or three. Our dentist will examine your mouth using state-of-the-art technology to determine what is required. From there, we will advise you on your options. We feel it is important that you are informed about the details of your smile makeover. We also aim to make you feel as comfortable as you can. Smile makeovers can including any of the following procedures:

Call Our Office to Get Started Today

Your smile makeover is a collaborative affair. Our dentist, Dr. Ruth M. Vergara, DDS, cares about each of her patients and wants to see them succeed and feel their best. For that reason, she carefully explains the merits and drawbacks of each procedure in your smile makeover plan before proceeding. Universal Dental Spa believes in a comprehensive and honest approach. If you think a smile makeover might be right for you, call our office today. We’ll perform an oral examination and get started.

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