Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy & Extraction in Orlando, FL

As with all dental restorative procedures, a root canal or an extraction is recommended in the best interested of your oral health. You may need either of these treatments as a result of infection, decay, or teeth that have grown impacted.

We offer gentle, comprehensive root canal therapy and extraction in Orlando, FL. Dr. Ruth Vergara and her team will be sure to make your experience at Universal Dental Spa pleasant and comfortable.   

Root Canal Therapy

An infection reaching the inside of a tooth can be painful and cause greater complications if left unaddressed. Root canal therapy removes the bacteria from inside the tooth, fills the inner structure with a bio compatible material, and saves the tooth from requiring an extraction.

After a tooth has been treated with root canal therapy, we provide high-quality, custom dental crowns that offer a lifelike appearance. We work with a trusted local lab that produces high-quality and durable crowns designed to mimic your unique smile. 


When Would I need an Extraction?

Impacted teeth – When a smile is too crowded, teeth can grow impacted, as is often the case with wisdom teeth. An extraction provides room for existing teeth to remain healthy and function properly, making it easier to eat, speak, and maintain good dental hygiene without complications.

Advanced decay – Teeth infected with bacteria that are beyond repair can threaten surrounding soft and hard tissues making up the smile. Bone, gums, and teeth can be susceptible to infection if left untreated for a long period of time.

An extraction removes a tooth damaged by infection or growing impacted, causing complications with neighboring teeth. Our sedation and enhanced-comfort options ensure patients experience little to no anxiety from diagnosis to treatment.

Second Opinion Dental Diagnosis

In some cases, patients may be hesitant to receive an extraction or root canal therapy on a tooth. We invite you to visit our practice and receive a second opinion on your diagnosis to determine if root canal therapy or extraction is the right procedure plan for you.

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