Orthodontic Care in Orlando 

There are many aesthetic and health benefits to having straighter teeth and a bite that is properly aligned. Linear smiles help people look and feel their best, and modern orthodontics provide treatments that are convenient and effective.

At Universal Dental Spa, we take great satisfaction in providing smiles that give people confidence and pride while relieving them of discomfort caused by misalignment. The kind and compassionate manner of Dr. Ruth Vergara, coupled with her professional expertise, ensures outstanding dental care for people living in Orlando and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Choices in Orthodontic Treatment

After a careful assessment, Dr. Vergara recommends orthodontic care that best suits your unique dental condition and lifestyle. Recommendations are based on the severity of malocclusion or misalignment and the personal preferences of patients. Straighter teeth bring aesthetic rewards that boost confidence and self-esteem, while also alleviating headaches, jaw, neck, and shoulder pain. 

The Convenient, Comfortable, and Discreet Method of Invisalign® Clear Aligners 

For patients with mild to moderate malocclusion, Dr. Vergara offers Invisalign® clear braces. These transparent braces are ideal for self-conscious individuals or working adults who do not want their treatment to draw attention to themselves.

The aligners are made of a soft, comfortable plastic, which can be removed for: 

  • Special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries. 
  • Meals, so no diet restrictions are necessary. 
  • Daily oral at-home cleaning, as well as professional exams and cleanings. 

Invisalign braces can also conveniently be filled with whitening gel to brighten teeth as they are placed into alignment.   

Patients are given the advantage of obtaining a sneak peek of how their smile will appear after treatment with computer-generated, three-dimensional images. Seeing how teeth straighten with images of their gradual progression is a great incentive for patients.

Traditional Braces for Precise Orthodontic Care

Dr. Vergara may recommend traditional braces which use brackets and wires to straighten smiles. Patients who need intense orthopedic movement of tooth roots or the vertical movement of teeth benefit from the strength provided by traditional braces. 

Because traditional braces are permanent, many parents of children and teens prefer this orthodontic method. Young patients are still learning skills in personal responsibility, so the risk of forgetting to wear aligners or misplacing and losing them is avoided. 

Traditional braces are widely worn by youths, and they have become an accepted fashion statement. Young patients look forward to joining their peers in selecting colorful bands that add a personal touch to their treatment. 

Dr. Ruth Vergara in Orlando Provides Orthodontic Care for Healthy, Straight and Beautiful Smiles

Universal Dental Spa specializes in straightening teeth to give patients their best smile. Straight teeth are one of the best accessories you can possess since they elevate self-esteem and give people confidence. The added health benefits of alleviating headaches, neck, jaw and shoulder pain make orthodontic treatment a wise decision.

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